Ilir Pojani is a contemporary artist living in Fairfax, Virginia. His work can be found in numerous private, public and corporate collections both in the United States and abroad, and has been seen in many exhibitions worldwide.

Painting has always been an essential part of his life. Pojani began to draw and paint as a little child, and never had any doubts about becoming an artist.

His art is characterized by a contemporary figurative style, ranging from representational to a semi-representational form, with elements of abstraction and ambiguous narrative, leaving the subject recognizable.



My art is focused on objective pictorial representation of reality, capturing and revealing the Invisible hidden beneath the Visible surface, and is materialized in a representational form. Characterized by a contemporary imagery, sometimes rendered in a more realistic style, and other times as theme suggests, a semi-representational one.

My work mainly depicts human being and Nature, opening up endless possibilities in exploring my subject’s inner world, (as well as mine), and maybe this is the best possible translation of the impenetrable language of the Universe.